Sunday, December 11, 2005

Adsense add being displayed

Interesting adds being displayed. one for MBA, Updating my Resume, Photos and Blogging. Nearly alls sites that I may be interested in. Google software is pretty scary on how good it is, but it can work out all the good adds for me why cant it add my name to its index.

I am now guessing that because of the minimal amounts of money once recieves for opening add that Googles trick is that it is really targeting the owners of the blogs not the traffic on the blog. I am a very experienced internet surfer and have been accessing the internet since usenet at university. I am sure the number of add I have clicked will be less then one hundred. I cant remember the last time I clicked an add I think it was on slashdot concerning operfourge projects.

Thats a pretty big downer on my dream.


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