Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sports Ramblings - USA

As being of Pacific Descent I am always interested in pacific islanders in sport so will have that biase when talking about sports.

Tatupu the line backer of the Seattle hawks must give hope to all short linebackers in college.

Tui of the Raiders gets his chance this week, I think he just needs his shot and luckily he will be facing the jets who are trying to lose so that they can draft one of Bush, Lienart or Young.

Interesting how a large number texax college teams are doing well now. Makes you go hmmm

Jacksonville has a chance to beat the colts mainly because the crowd will decrease manings playcalling. I hope indianapolous wins out for the rest of the season. I think what happened to tony dungy was pretty bad.

I really like the rookies from New York Nicks and watched the game with one them posterised Ben Wallace. Hopefully Larry Brown will last there for a few years.

Pippen’s number was retired at the Bulls vs Lakes game. I have always thought he was overated and should not be in the top 50 basket ballers of all time.

Both Fantasy teams have collapsed. Moss and Westbroook in NFL and TJ Ford and Bogut in the NBA have screwed me. If you follow NFL or NBA and have not joined a fantasy team then you really missing something. I suggest yahoo as the best place to join a fantasy team.

The idea of dropping Kyle Orton for Grossman is stupid. I am always a person that goes on the principle of don’t change something that is working well. People arguing to change a crap quarterback with a worse one is I am guessing just a sports talking point.


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Blogger George said...

I put the kiss of death on tui, he had two interceptions, two fumble and six sacks.

Looks like Jets dont want to draft Reggie Bush and herman edwards is more worried about his job

Chicago lost and kyle orton didnt do anything so looks like there may be change

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