Sunday, December 11, 2005

Australian Soccer/Gambling

I love to gamble and some of my best moments in life have been on large gambles. If I have enough resources I might bet heavily for Australia to make the finals in the World Cup. I just hope more people think like the coach of the USA team in that Australia is one of the worst teams. Bad sign though was the English coach wishing that either Australia or Netherlands was not in there pool.

One thing about gambling is not only the chances of what you want to bet on but the value is really derived on what other people think are the chances of want you want to bet on. Other peoples thoughts are usually reflected in the odds

The main threat to Australia is Brazil and Croatia. Hopefully we can draw with brazil or beat Croatia. The key will be Croatia and it will be interesting to see which side some of fence the Australian Croatians will choose when they play each other.

One thing you have to realise about Australians is in a team environment of australians at a world stage they are over achievers. Besided that in this case Australia also has a very good coach and the players will have more time to play with each other which will increase there chances.


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