Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sports Ramblings - Fiji

Joy Ali was beaten in the first round. Hopefully it wasn’t my kiss of death. Just shows the difference in class with real world ranked opponents.

Fiji Sevens team performance in the Dubai sevens was a good step and things are looking promising again. I think people underestimate the influence of fiji’s assistant coach.

Fiji’s win against New Zealand, England and Argentina in the George Sevens tournament has proved that we are now back in Sevens

Fiji vs Italy's match was the first time to watch rugby being played in the snow and to make it worse Fiji was wearing white and the ball was white. Only benefit for fiji is that it showed that we can keep possession from a backwards sliding scrum.

I don’t know how much value the Fiji Hockey team could have got by being beaten by more then 30 by Australia


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