Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Positive move in Iraq

Watching BBC news this morning and came across report a new poll in iraq which can be summarised here Survey finds optimism in new Iraq

I remember reading a poll a few months ago that said over 80% of peope wanted USA/Britian out of Iraq.

In the BBC tv report they were only interviewing Kurdish people which is biased and you would expect to be the Kurdish people to be positive. I would be more interested in the view of the people in Basra

Most worrying aspect of the poll was that 30% of the respondents dont want a centralised government.

For me the only positives out of the mess in iraq is that it employs a large number of Fijians and keeps the oil price high. High fuel prices means that alternative fuele like ethanol have a chance to be researched and developed

If you take into consideration just Iraq factors. The key stat at the end of all this will be if the majority of the iraq's say they are bettor off now then when they were under Saddam.


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