Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My first unique visitors

Ni Sa Bula to my first visitors that has viewed this blog. Its made my day and stops me feeling crazy because I feel I am talking to myself

If any of you have your own blogs just add them as a comment I will view them and will probably comment on some of the talking points

I have decided to create a new blog just on pacific issues as I am guessing the majority of pacific readers may not be interested in USA sports and politics


Blogger George said...

The new blog on pacific issues can be found at Set

10:20 am  
Blogger George said...

Referred to nisabula instead of nisayadra. will have to find a way of deleting the above comment.

The the new blog on pacicic issues can be found at


10:27 am  
Blogger George said...

So after the first day of using extreme tracker, this blog received 30 unique visitors and all of them are either myself from other sites or from Blogpost. I am guessing it is people clicking on next random blog

9:59 am  

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