Monday, December 12, 2005

Race Riots in Cronulla

It is pretty sad what is happening in Cronulla Sydney. In Australia I lived in Swan Hill for one year, then hopetoun for 5 years and then high school in Geelong. In hopetoun we were the only ethnics and it wasnt until I went to Geelong that I met Eastern Autralians. (note I dont like using word australian and another ethnic title)

In Geelong the word "wog" was not a derogratory name as that was the name of the local disco and I used to call the main gang leaders in my school wogs. There was no real ethnic gang problems and just heard stories about the lebanase tigers.

My opinion is that this is not a battle the cronulla gangs can win even though I am sure a significant number of people support them. First Sydney has become very multicutural were I think Cronulla is one of the few sydney suburbs that is predominatelly Anglo Australian. The stance that government will have to take is the world view which will not accept attacks against specific races.

In terms of the violence, I cant see how you are going to beat mobile gangs who prey on single victims. I remember some of my wogs I knew used to cruise in a car and bait single aussie men and then beat them up.

I had empathy of what was happening until I read one t-shirt that said it was a wog free zone. To me wog gree zone means all ethnics which includes me. After viewing that photo my reactions has changed my view on the situation. Must say something about me which I can look into later

I think the biggest problem is the children of immigrants want to be an identity that is different to the host culture and so are attacking what they see as Australian

What makes this all worse is how Australia just one the Soccer World cup in Sydney and hechum (World champion Poker Player) is lebanase Australian and in the espn adds you can see him yelling aussie aussie ausie oi oi oi


Blogger George said...

I see the violence continued the next night but slowed down the next night. Read that the bra boys and commanceros have some sort of truce.

This incident will calm down. Interesting on tv the shop owners they were attacking in cronulla were chinese or indian

Turns out the bra boys are surfers. I never new surfers as fighters.

I lived in Geelong for more then 10 years which is close to Bells Beach and Torquay. Actually tried surfing once but ended up just surfing my lilo

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