Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Slashdot vs Digg

As you might already know I have been a long time Slashdot reader (6-7 years). The main reason I liked slashdot was for the comments and it was rare if I actually read the link.

I have just been using Digg for a few weeks. It was actually through slasdhot that I found digg. All I can say after a few weeks of using digg is "the king is dead long live the king". Digg is changing the way surf and I think it is the way of the future for finding links/posts.

The main reason is now the king is that I am no longer interested in the Slashdot Comments. As the time Iwould have spent in reading the comments I could have read five new interesting digg articles.

I can also see the digg technology being included in blogs. As an example I have created a blog called Really Top Posts which is my top posts and I am going to link it to this blog. What makes a top post is currently decided by the regular readers of this blog (Which is currently me) .

I would really like a feature were readers are able to digg my posts that they like which then gets dynamically adjusted. So a dynamic selection of best posts are shown on this blog


Blogger George said...

Looking at my unique viewers and one was found from digg blog post. Problem is when they click on that button it goes to the blog not the actual url for the post so if you regularly blog in a day it will be hard for the digg viewer to see the blog they were after

10:29 am  

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