Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Google Search Results for xoogler

I am thinking that google is doing something to the blogpost urls. Previously when I was looking for xooglers it picked up xoogler first or second but now since they have become famous it is not in the first page. So I am guessing that Google is factoring in if it is a blog or not then changing the rankings depending on that factor. So reducing the page ranks of blogposts.

I really dont think this is fair and this xooglers page ranking is a prime example.

If I search through yahoo and MSN the xoogler site is the first ranked page. It could be related to something I have been experiencing in the last few months in that it is taking much longer to find information using google then I was able to before.


Blogger George said...

Should note though that the site is called xooglers which is number one in google.

2:37 pm  

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