Thursday, December 15, 2005

Blog now on Technorati

I still have not been able to find this blog in Google but it can be found on Technorati which is pretty good.

The blog is currenlty ranked 1,024,328 which I am guessing is coming last. I wonder what ranking I would need before I can live on the beach.

Yesterday I had around 15 unique visitors. They are all from blogspot. I have checked some other blog extreme tracker settings and the good ones seem to get the majority of their links through google search.

Thinking last night that I am going to see if it is possible to add the following features
1. At the bottom of a post inclue buttons like <> that links to the next or previous post of similar type eg PTI posts, Ethanol Posts
2. Add a button called "set" the will rank the post higher
3. Include a list to the top ranked post for day, week and month
2. Need to find a website the host mysql tables for free to implement 2
3. Learn the necessary code to implement 2 and 3


Blogger George said...

Amazing I gots hits on technorati for "pardon the interruption pti artest" but not hits in blogger search.

I have also submitted this blog to blogwise but it will take 23 days to process

3:36 pm  

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