Friday, December 16, 2005

Parenting Tips - Assisting kids with school work

I cant say that I am a good parent or spent enough times with my kids. I can give my experiences so far though. My first parenting tips will be how to help children with there school work.

To give you a background of my experience in assisting the kids. It was sproadic and only focussed a few weeks before the exam.
In the Previous term Andrew came 30th out of 40 in class one and Jordan came 23rd out of 50 in class 3.

The following strategies helped Andrew get to 21st and Jordan to 11th in there respective classes.

1. Turn of the TV. Our TV was being repaired for nearly two months, so instead of wathing PTI, Sportscentre etc. I spent time with the kids in helping them read

2. I searched the internet for good strategies and content

3. Productive use of quality times. It takes me twenty minutes to drive my kids to school and in the time instead of listening to the readio or games like naming all different wrestlers, I quized them on what they have been learning.

4. Focus on kids learning to read because reading is not just in english it also related to understanding the question in different areas.

5. Learn how to use the dictionary by getting to find and read a certain number of words a day

6. Be patient when they are not able to learn something I thought it will be easy to do. This is probably the hardest thing to do.

7. Dont expect anyone else but you to help your kids. This may be just a case in Fiji where you have 40 to 50 kids in a classroom

8. I not sure about this one but I just focused on spelling for Jordan, so he went from getting around 60% to getting 100% in Spelling.

9. Give them rewards and praise for there progress. I bought jordan a Hulk Videogame for getting 100% in spelling and Andrew prize will be a radio controlled car once he finishes reading all the pages of "Cat in the Hat"

Majority of the children of my workmates came first in their respective class. This would normally effect the my expectations of my from my kids. But actually that is not as important as my kids being to be happy, wanting to to learn, healthy and progressing. What I want my kids to end up are independant productive global citizens.


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