Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Hydrogen Gold Rush Is On

Below is a link to the hydrogen gold rush.

This article reminds me of what Bush's reall priorities are. Steer people away from a more real, practical solution in terms of replacement to oil i.e ethanol.

A really good article at newsweek which talks about ethanol as the next petroleum.

A summary of the points I found interesting are
1. Brazil is producting ethanol at $25 a barrel compared to $40 a barrerl for europe
2. Southern countries growing sugar cane can get up to five times as much biofuel from each acre of land then US crops of corn etc.
3. Brazil and India could replace 10 percent of global gasoline fuel
4. China is developing the largest ethanol plant and is looking at cassava and sweet potato as a source for its ethanol
5. There is a new way of creating ethanol which is to use genetically engineered enzymes that can convert the cellulose to glucose to ethanol. Shell is investing heavily in creating a plant to produce ethanol using this method
6. United States alone could use these new technologies to replace 30 percent of its current gasoline consumption by 2030—without cutting into food production or greatly changing land use.
7. USA is charging a 50c a gallon tarrif on Brazilion ethanol

The Hydrogen Gold Rush Is On


Blogger George said...

Bill Gates invests in ethanol and it is quite a big investment of 85 million dollars.

My view of bill gates is changing by what he his doing with his money

This article seem to dispute my assertion on bush. I suppose thats why I call this blog Really, some of the things I state may not come out to be true

12:18 pm  

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