Friday, December 16, 2005

PTI - Mcnabb and NAACP

On Pardon the interupption last night there was issues of a member of NAACP disparaging Donavan Mcnabb the quarterback of the Philadelphia eagles..

I believe that there is some truth in McNabb not wanting to be the sterotypical black quarterback so has cut down on running

Since when is a white person not allowed to comment on black on black issues. I think kornheiser wimped out on that, unless it was to just let wilbourn attack the NAACP person.

Mcnabb has been one the best quarterbacks in the last five years. He also has won me three NFL Fantasy leauges during that time. So critisizing his value to the Eagles doesnt hold water.

There must be something about Mcnabb as Terrel Owens, Rush and Bill Simmons have all critisized him

I am on the Mcnabb side of the TO vs Mcnabb debacle that happened earlier his year. I wrote an email which I will put in the comments

I think it is okay for NAACP to cricize black people but I dont agree they should frame the debate on what constitutes a black person or even an African American

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Blogger George said...

I have just read an intersting article from whitlock who is becoming a better sports writer.

But I still cant get over him not thinking lance amstrong is an athlete

12:53 pm  
Blogger George said...

The adsense adds being displayred is the generic add. It must have been the black on black or white person reference that cause it to stop servince normal adds

5:01 pm  

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