Monday, December 19, 2005

Mvie Review King Kong

I went and watched king kong last night, the 5:50 theatre was sold out so had to wait around for the 8pm session.

First I would say that it is worth the wait and I would rate it as a must see. I am not a person who can watch a movie a second time or watch movies which I am certain of how it is going to turn out. Only reason I watched it was because of Peter Jackson as I saw the adds a few weeks ago. This movie beat my expectations for a fantasy film and would make my top ten fantasy films

I have read some reviews of how it is to long but imo there were only a few parts in which I would take out that wouldnt significantly detract on the experience.

Some of the CGI scenes looked fake like when the brontosourous were running in the canyan and around the cliff edge. But overall very impressive and kong looked like a real gorilla. Example my son stated that when the gorilla fell he must have fallen on a sponge.

Some parts were not believable and there were to many just in time scenes but again we are talking about King Kong. Like he is able to take many bites of a tyranasorous rex but not from a harpoon.

I am scared of heights and this must be one of a few movies where I had actual felt fear for ann on top of the tower.

Kids Rating: One of their best but a bit scary. Kids had to sleep in our room as they were scared of the insects
Wifes Rating: Good
My Rating: Must see on a big screen.


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