Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Buzz - Tony Parker, Eva Longoria clash with mexican cop

Tony Parker was cited Saturday in San Antonio for impeding traffic and failing to produce a valid Texas driver's license during a traffic stop.Problem was when tony drove away when he was asked to stop and eva stating that "He's just a Mexican bike cop! He only wants your autograph."

I like the San antonio spurs and also desparate housewives but this doesn't supprise me of longoria as she seems to be an attention seeker.

Toronto has nearly doubled its gun violence from the previous hear and they seem to be blaming the US for it. Only truth I would take from that is American media which potrays an image of addressing problems with gun. Especially the gangsta etho.

Healthy mangrove forests helped save lives in the Asia tsunami disaster, a new report has said. There were only a few deaths on areas where there were mangroves but areas where mangroves have been felled for develoments there were thousands of deaths. I have a large amount of magroves surrounding my beach and removing mangroves is always an issue here in fiji.

Show of support for the boxing day fox hunt in England. Foxes are a pest, I took part in hunting foxes in Austalian Mallee so it would be hyporcritical of me to denounce it.

Graz removes Schwarzenegger name which is stupid in my opinion. I am against the death penalty unless the person agrees to it but from what I understand from listening to some comments from the graz community in BBC radio it is just a political ploy by the opposition council members.



Blogger Ontario Emperor said...

Not just a political ploy in Graz. Now that Schwarzenegger's name has been removed from the stadium (in the end, it was removed at Schwarzenegger's request), Graz's tourism will not decrease, but INCREASE, as all of the 150,000 people who got away from gangs after reading Doctor Oba Saint Stanley Tookie Williams' books all flock to Graz, where they will be welcomed with open arms.

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