Tuesday, December 27, 2005

PTI - James Dungy

Colts unsure when Dungy will return after son's funeral. Tony Dungies son James Dungy apparently overdosed 2 months before suicide on prescription pills. I lost my younger brother in a tractor accident and you just dont get over it. Especially one month after it happens

Skip balyless makes some good arguments on how weis deserves to be coach of the year instead of Paterno. I disagree though, base on the amount of criticisms by the actual voters.

Bill Simmons seems to justify his own situation on the Damon leaving the Red Sox. How can he criticize Damon when he left Boston for more money in LA. He is losing his Mojo.

Article on how Shaq keeps Kobe feud alive. After watching highlights of the games and Shaq's response I would agree. I can see it effecting the rest of Shaqs team mates as well especially damyon wade. Who by the way is coolest basketaballer out there

No link just pissed of with sports centre segment in placing the current USC's teams place in history. First I think the 88 Notre Dames team is better and I would bet on last years USC team beating this years team.


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