Monday, December 26, 2005

Week two of blogging Really

In the second week had 147 unique visitors where it is being split between searches, other blogpost users and a main boost from link to the google blogpost.

How does the google blogpost know that I am linked to it when I can’t even find the post using google search. Might be some blogger indexes though

I received an extra two cents during the week even though I had more unique hits and page impressions. So I am not sure how I got the seven cents last week. I am still motivated by my mantra “Build it and they will come” So as yet I am not disillusioned and I am actually getting satisfaction from what I am doing.

The blogging is starting to significantly effect my real job

I have just found out that you can be banned for invalid clicks and not clicking your own ads.

There was one add for chatting to horny girls which I think must have sneaked through google adsense.

I received my first comment on the use of sitemaps

I also got a comment pointing me to adult toys. I need to find out a way to delete comment as for now I have hidden that comment


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