Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Buzz Index - Melinda Gates and other links

Why is the issue of wikipeida founder jimmy wales editing his own Bio such a big issue

Slashdot comments on the federal judge rules against intelligent design

Delay's luxury lifestyle and Kos comments on that issue

Bill and Melinda Gates are time persons of the year and here is an interview with Melida Gates.

Google Hack to circumvent proxies using the translate features in Google. What this means is if you are blocked from sites at your workplace in the majority of case you can use this hack to access those sites

Excellent list that should be saved/printed to help you control your Google search.

Issue of BPL effecticting local ham radios seems to be solved in Texas who are about to get broadband over its Power Lines

Yao ming adds to the misery of Ron Artest on my Fantasy Basketball team

Story by scoop Jackson on the genius of Pat Riley

Exclusive interview with Nikolai Valuev the 7 foot Russian boxer


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