Wednesday, December 21, 2005

BBC Hardtalk – Chris Patton

Refreshing to see a politician's honest opinion about major leaders. He was straight with his dislike of Cheney, Rumsfield and Chiraq

Chris can’t accept that Iraq Election is a positive move. Problem with people that strongly argue a stand for long period of time. Is that they find it hard to see new postives against their arguments.

Interesting if there is some evidence that more shiate voted then actual shiates in the Iraq election. Must have been using diebold machines.

I have heard good things about the new leader of the Tory party and Patons comment seem to confirm this. Conservatives though will have to change their views on the EU to win the next election

I agree with his statement that countries should be focusing more on education, research and development then protecting trades for special interest groups. Agricultural subsidies are costing EU 40% of budget.

Comment that besides China and India, South Africa and Brazil are two economic powers of the future.

In the next two years USA will move rapidly in adapting some of the Kyoto principles. mainly because of the push from the States. I agree with this prediction based on the vibe I am getting from political forums

Major factor for European countries to accept democracy and world norms was the ability to enter the European unions. IMO this why getting a productive democratic state in the centre of the Middle east is important.



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