Wednesday, December 21, 2005

PTI – Marvin Lewis

How can Indianapolus give up more then 450 yards. You can feel like the air has been let out and now they can focus on the Superbowl.

I am not sure who is treated better by sportscasters Matt Millen or Bret Favre. I wonder what Millen has over the owner of the Detroit lions. Good to see Marvin Lewis team wasting the Lions, not long ago it was Millen who was fined for not giving lewis a chance to coach the Lions.

Whats the story with scheduling of Monday Night games. When was that last time we had a game that mattered being played on Monday night.

Wilbourn tried to duck the question of why he thought lewis shouldn’t coach at Cincinati. Good to see Dungy, Love and Lewis doing well. What has happened to Edwards though.

I think you can now question how much influence Lewis and Belichiks had on their Superbowl wins as defensive coordinators

The patriots are scary now and I wouldn’t be supprised if they beat the Colts in the AFC final. Jaws sees that and I am sure he wants to change his public opinion on their chances in the playoffs

Ron Artest should not be let back in Indiana. It seems like they may TO him for the season. I am starting to like Jermaine Oneal even though I disagree with some of his opinions.

Jerry Buss must have lost a few marbles if he could choose Kobe over Shaq in a heartbeat. If I was the lakers owner I would probably end up choosing Kobe but it is not a clear cut decision. Have you ever seen Shaq so motivated in running up and down the court.

The seven foot Russian boxer will be cut down by any other top 10 heavyweight beside Ruiz.

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