Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Intelligent Design vs Evolution

Watched the Boston Law episode where the issue of Inteligent Design was being argued. So I consider myself an expert on this issue.

I have always been on assumption that religion and the state are entwined and to argue otherwise is not seeing my reality. You can try and separate state and religion and I suppose that what is happening with the federal judge in Pennysvalania.

Firstly I believe in evolution as this is what I have been taught and have not seen any facts to dispute this theory. But it was confirmed in my when I went to the zoo. A story I might elaborate on later if I have the guts to.

I do believe though that people have a right to control their own destiny so if a school wants to teach it students a particular religion or their understanding of the facts then I am all for it if the consequences are acceptable to the majority of the people and it doesn’t significantly effect the minority.

So what I am trying to say if the people of Pennsylvania want their kids to be taught intelligent design. Then they should be able to have it taught in their schools.

Even if the majority of the people don’t want it taught does banning the teaching of intelligent design infringe on the minorities rights.


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