Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas vs Happy Holiday vs Xmas

The following yahoo buzz log show the different search statistics on the christmas holidays. It is basically saying that 5 times more people search for merry christmas then happy holidays and 40 times more search for christmas then xmas.

It funny how one word can set you off. Personally I have been swored at, spit at, racially abused but can take it in my stride. One thing I cannot stand though is the word xmas. When I read xmas I actually read it a x---mas not christmas.

This year is the first time were I have come across the term Happy Holidays. I am used to saying Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

In my section I have Fijians, Gujaraties, Hindus, Muslims, Rotumans and Australians and strangely the only people that write happy xmas are the christians.

I accept the term Happy Holidays but a lot of us dont have holidays as we work between the christmas and new year break so what does the term meant for.

The following are the reasons I dont like the word xmas
  1. We dont do this to other peoples religious holidays ie Happy Diwali isnt Happy Xwali
  2. In my opinion it is disrespectful to Christians
  3. It is not phonetically correct

I use to accept the argument about shortening the word because of the number of characters but as I have got older I think the main reason is people just dont want to acknowledge that the reason 25 December is a holiday is because the holiday was created to celebrate Jesus's birthday.

I understand that the majority of people dont celebrate the holiday because of jesus but that same issue can be said about martin luther king holiday.

Time to get off my high horse and I lie there was one time I was swored at and I didnt take very well but that is another story


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