Thursday, December 22, 2005

Lofa Tatupu misses the Pro Bowl

The nfl players have been selected to the Pro Bowl but rookie middle linebacker lofa tatupu missed out but was selected as the third alternate.

I hope he proves that he deserves to be there when he performs against the colts this week.

Tatupu rise in the NFL is posted here and my comments on Tatupu missing out on Defensive Rookie of the year and then Rookie of the year

I remember an article by DR. Z when he was watching rugby in New Zealand and he did not comment on any of the samoan players ability to play in the NFL. I think there must be at least three times as many samoans playing rugby as American Football. I think from the current all blacks mana tonu, afoa, alatini, collins and umaga are a few examples that would be able to crossover.

Paterno was selected as an overwhelming choice as coach of year.I remember last year how all the commentators were asking for him to step down. Interesting that this year he started delegating more responsibilities then previous years

Yankees add Damon to potent lineup. Not sure what is going on with the yankees, my understanding of last few champion teams in baseball is that its that pitching that really matters and that is where the biggest holes are in the yankees besides the bad karma from Alex Rodriguez


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