Friday, December 23, 2005

Politically Correct Christmas Party

I am currently in the middle of our christmas party. So I am half cut or maybe more.

I volunteered to cook the barbacue for the party. As I like to eat meat. It was a new experienc for me as all the things I wanted to eat like sausages, bacon and steak would have been offensive to some of my workmates. So the juice of beef and non halal meat getting into the other meat.

I ended up getting asking a workmate who was cooking the curry to order the meat ie halal chicken and lamb chops.

Barbacue has been a success specially as we marinated the food in extra hot chillie sauce plus other ingrediants. For managers out there one of best bonding experiences for your staff is to get them involved into cooking the food. As we have a kitchen in our office the smell of curry and barbacue is too good. Plus differet staff in different sections get to work together in a team environment

This may be my last post until after christmas so merry christmas to everyone.

I really like this blogging experience, but based on my unique hits, grammar problems, not beign indexed it doesntly look good, but such is life.


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