Friday, December 23, 2005

PTI - Kobe Bryant 63 points

Good way to wreck my comment on the lakers owner by Kobe putting up 63 points in three quarters. Kobe also interviewed well on Pardon the Interruption. Lucky for him most people have short attention spans and bombarded with so many distructions that that things wash over them pretty quickly.

Kobe is back in the top 10 ten jersey's being sold before the latest performance, which will only increase his cred.

I would like to see chad johnston deer dance on the weekend. I liked him before he tried to start copying Terrel Owens touchdown celebrations. I like Johnshon because I read one article how he likes to sleep in the Bengles office.

Looks like the colts are putting all there reserve players for the next two games. I think it would be a good bet for the under in their first match of the playoffs

What has happened to arsenal, I think the chelsea owner and florida marlins owner should teach george steinburger on how to buy a championship

Prv -PTI- Nxt


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