Monday, December 26, 2005

PTI – Willie McGinest

On the last pardon interruption for the year the following are my ramblings

It seems like the five minute interview is conducted at a different time as Wilbourne wasn’t in his Santa Suit. Willie Mcginast the Patriots linebacker and post season sack leader was being interviewed

Best point in the Willie McGinest interview is the concept of need to keep the full team playing so that they can continually get better. I am of the same belief and Colts not properly playing together for 3 weeks is going to negatively effect the team.

The main reason I like the patriots is because its shows how important the coach, team chemistry and having smart players are in winning championships

Patriots must be good value bet in winning the Superbowl.

My dream matchup for the superbowl is Colts vs Giants.

If ratings for the whole 12 hours of sport are high then it is more proof of the changing culture of the Christmas holiday.

The spurs vs Detroit game has been thouroughly overshadowed by Lakers Heat game on Christmas day but I can’t see Heat being Detroit and no way will the lakers beat the spurs in seven games.

The heat team is going to be a classic example of how a dysfunctional team cannot win a championship

Pass over the rest of the comments if you are not interested in my Merry Christmas vs Happy holiday name rants

It seems that ESPN has got a standard policy of saying happy holidays. No sportscaster has said merry Christmas. Only woody in Around the Horn mentioned the word Merry Christmas.

Interesting that the majority of the people that ESPN cover profess to be Christian and yet diss one of they main holidays.

Nickoledian had the most politically correct policy of saying happy (insert your own holiday here)

In Fiji the TV ads are still saying Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

In terms of general adds If the company is an indian family own supermarket then they use the word Christmas if it is a generic supermarket they use xmas. I have only been greeted by the word happy holidays twice and once was as political correctness joke. I am sure this is going to significantly change next year.


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