Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Google Agrees to Limit Resolution of Israel Satellite Photos

Google, which offers satellite photos of locations across the globe, has agreed to limit the resolution of footage of sensitive military installations and vulnerable sites in Israel. Satellite images are commercially available so I wonder what the reall issue is

I have discussed this before and just confirmation from Googles own words concerning purchasing AOL shares. On that I still have not been indexed by AOL/Google but have 11 links from MSN

I also found interesting article on Top ten rules for web startups More evidence on how I should really focus on a pacific niche but that is not what I am interested in writing about.

Judge blocks the sales of violent videogames and more evidence after the Stanley Tookie Williams incident that the terminator is moving more to the right

Article on Poor little rich man Paul Allen co founder of Microsoft and owner of Seattle Seahawks

The following slashdotdiscussion related to Is Microsoft a monopoly . My take is that in terms of market presence it is a Monopoly but it has lost its mojo and will gradually lose its share. The key to microsoft has always been bill gates and I am guessing once he started having children his priorities have changed. So its now more of a regular corporate entity.


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