Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Blogging experience 27th December

The most unique hits I am getting are from google blogpost. This blog has still not been indexed and I have a pagerank of zero.

Majority of searches that are hitting this blog are misspellings and every time I check the post I cant believe how bad my grammar is. So I have decided to go nu skool and have created a replica blog but the english is based on text messages See how that goes.

Whats up with the adsense adds. The majority of the add seem to have adult content I cant seem to find a filter that disables those adds. This is a concern for me as soon I am going to go in the guerilla marketing campaing which includes telling my mum about this blog.

Not good that I can now find my name easily on google search. Tried to disguise my name by using my registered name but thats Google.


Blogger George said...

The following is a link Introducing themed ad units. I wonder if this actually increases the number of clicks

5:22 pm  

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