Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Iran to creat an oil bourse in 2006

The link daily kos link concerning A Story About Oil You NEED To Hear.

I have alway thought iraq selling its oil in euro's instead of dollars was a significant factor in the US going in to Iraq. The above link gives me more information on how the control of the sale of oil is currently only being conducted in two bourses both controlled by americans

My guess is if iran bourse does indeed open in 2006 the following countries will sell their oil there. Iran, Veneuzel and possibily later it will be Russia and Nigeria. I can't see Saudi doing it as they have to many investments in the US

But for it work it will need buyers so the key is China who supposedly is in the process of buying euros.

But the key is the buyers and most western countries will not use Irans exchange due to the radioactive politics that have afflicted iran and its new leader. If China, India, Asian, African and Latin American countries do start using Iran exchange USA will stop being able to print cash and the world as we in the western world know it will significanlty change.

If iran is going to deal in euro's you would think uero countries would trade there?


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