Thursday, December 29, 2005

Postiphobia - Fear of posting on Forums and Blogs

Since their is only one legitimate comment on this blog and around 200 unique visitor it is either the content is not worth commenting on or the viewers have postiphobia (I just made this word up)

What Postiphobia means is that you have a fear of posting to forums and blogs. I am a classic case where I have a slashdot user id of 23167 (Six years as my main site) and have only posted a few comments.

My main fears were
1. People thinking that your grammar is a reflection of you
2. Worried about what other people think about what I will post
3. People will use your comments against you later

I still fear posting on sites like slashdot and daily kos but my main worry is number three. But once I am free I can properly comment on what is politically happening in Fiji which is my specialty. In fact I am stuffed if my workmates knew I was blogging.

So if you have postiphobia and want to comment on this blog, I promise to remove any comment that you want to get rid of. The only problem is if it has been cached by Google.

But lifes not fun if you dont take any risks


Blogger George said...

I might have to start deleting some posts as I am ranked fifth in google when searching for my previous employer which is actually the major shareholder of my current employer.

still I am the only one from fiji hitting this blog when that changes I will see what happens

4:31 pm  

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