Thursday, December 29, 2005

Fiji Rugby Sevens

Serevi is doing a great job as the Fiji sevens coach and it was a good sign that the majority of the sevens players turned up for training during the last week. I would have bet that Ryder would have been late to the training but I am not sure how serevi will handle him.

Classic comment from tietjens saying that it was a fluke that fiji beat argentina in the George tournament. One of the most hardwired coaches out there and I think it is the first time he doesnt have the players. That is a bad sign for New Zealand rugby going forward.

South African Rugby team will be the team of the future as a good indicator has been the performance of the under 19 and under 21's which South Africa has been dominating in the last few years.

I agree that Pivac should be retained as he is one of the best coaches in the world and has done a good performance with the fiji team. Only problem is I think he is what you call a players coach so has no problems drinking with the local players. I have had this experience of drinking with my staff and it doesnt go down well with the non drinkers. The majority of the fifteens team are non drinkers so that behaviour could be causing some problems.

Serevi backing Pivac show guts, leadership and loyalty. I remember when FRU wouldnt choose him for the sevens and it was Pivac who brought him back and ultimatly bringing back the winning sevens culture.


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