Friday, December 30, 2005

Blogin Update New Years Eve

I am having doubts that I will be able sustain my $20 a day. This is my third week of blogging and my real adsense account is only $0.13 from around 1500 page impressions (mostly mine). So if a third of the population of fiji views this blog I still wouldnt get my $20. A third of the population of fiji woudnt have access to the internet

With over 200 unique visitors I dont think I have any repeat viewers. So I am doing something wrong but realistically in my browsing experience when I visit a blog to get some information I dont return. The only blog I regularly read is xoogler or googles blog

Instead of targetting a large number of hits I think I will target expensive adsense keywords eg cerebral palsy lawyers. So create content that includes what I thinks are expensive keywords and hopefully punters will click those adds. If I wouldnt click the add I am not sure why viewer whould also click the adds.

Since I have started this blog I have actually been reading adds in other sites before adds were not on my internet radar.

Majority of my posts are sports but the sports content has only had two hits through searches. But sports posts will be the last posts that I will drop

Google still hasnt indexed this site. I have accepted that I must be in some sandbox which may take months to get out of.

The Googlebot that ranked my Joy Ali post is very smart as it ranked the post 33 for the search "decline in boxing". The bot must have realised that I was an official for boxing and added a wrestling comment on Boxings decline that I havent read on the internet. So giving me extra ratings.

If the googlebots are that smart I have faith in future the future of this blog. Brings me to interesting comment from DVD (Revolver) i watched last night which says people always think they are more intelligent then what they are.

Majority of search hits are from mispellings that have put the blog in the top fifty so I am trying an experimental blog using txt messages as the content. So far no luck in terms of hits but I am under the impression Build it and they will come (Hopefully they will also stay). At work here it is now acceptable to use txt message english in your emails. I am guessing there is going to be a time when this becomes a significant part of the searches.

I am really enjoying this experience. If anything my kids when the grow up will know stuff about me that they didnt know.