Thursday, December 29, 2005

PTI - USC's Place In History

The sportcenter segment USC's Place In History is really bothering me butI keep on watching. Good to see after they ripped of oklahoma the people from that state have continuely voting against USC.

You can't compare a 1979 alabama team against current crop because of the race issue, technology in coaching and performance enhancing drugs. What you can compare though is dominance during the year against their stregth of schedule.

People seem to forget that this current USC just won against an overhyped notre dame team. Sorry you have to dominate every game to be in my top five or just win against another dominate team.

This exercise is going to give USC bad karma for the Texas game. Texas will have one month to plan how to stop Reggie Bush. Texas players will also have extra motivation by Vince Young being dissed at the heisman and this current exercise. I am sure by people thinking there are the best in history will also give USC some overconfidence.

The next ranked team is Miami 2001, if the ESPN sportscaster choose USC in this matchup I will know it is just divisive talking points. No way a team with 11 future 1stdraft choices who are performing well now in the NFL gets beaten by this USC team.

Bill simmons new article on monday night football. I only watched some of the games monday night games during the last few years so I cant comment on this. I couldnt really tell much difference between the monday night game and the sunday night games shown here in fiji

I know you couldnt get much worse in terms of monday night scheduling of games this year.

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