Thursday, December 29, 2005

Is it okay to Edit posts on Blogger

A large number of blogs will not edit their post after it has been posted. So any updates have an "update" amendment in the post.

This reminds me of the comment from my mum when I asked her if she can login and fix my spelling and grammar. She said it wouldnt be ethical. It is only a post my mind has always been fluid so whatever i say now I might believe differently in the future.

We live in a fast changing world if people hold us to something we said in a forum years ago then they are old school and can play their games while we keep rushing forward.

The only things I will not change are
  • Predictions
  • Text that has been commented on by someone else
  • Posts that I think should have an trail of changes. So the trail is worthwile
  • The guts of the post, if I have to change the guts of post then I will rewrite it with a different post.

The things I will change
  • Spelling mistakes and grammar
  • Words to increase the ranking in search engines
  • Words to increase the value of adds being showen
  • A useless post.

An example is this post. First it was named "mvi review Pulp Fiction". I got in trouble with a google blog post so I looked for the most useless post which was this one and changed the name. In the end I had three posts with the same informaton and so change this post to "Is it okay to edit post on Blogger"

The main reason I think it is okay for me to change is that I dont want to draft a post then wait a day to see if its okay. Everything is realtime with realtime mistakes. I am a just in time person so if a lot of people are hitting one of my posts then I will review it to see if it is okay otherwise I am wasting my time when I could be producing more content.

Producing content is fun for me and hopefully people like it raw.


Blogger George said...

This is turning into a recursive nightmare. Can someone please comment on how I can delete a link to Google's Blog.

2:28 pm  
Blogger George said...

The may be some ethical questions on why I would change words to get better adds.

I would guess the majority of people that write blogs with adds expect income from the adds so are writing content in expectation of people clicking on adds.

If I want to live on my beach blogging I will need income and I cant see how it is evil by giving my readers better adds and a better chance of reading my stuff.

Its up to the google bots to decide

5:53 pm  

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