Friday, December 30, 2005

Family - Another Nadi Trip

Jordan and Andrews mother(My Sister inlaw) was supposed to come during the christmas break but was not able to.

My wife had to attend her namesakes 60th birthday in Nadi so she took the two kids on the trip to visit their mother. Jordan had a number two haircut as too many people were complaining about his blonde hair. So the two kids and some of bale's nephews spent the night with my sister inlaw in Nadi while I stayed at home with Bale's sister and her one year old son Jerry.

As we didnt have enough money for the Nadi trip I told the kids only Andrew could go which made jordan upset. Andrew being the good brother said he would sacrifice his trip for Jordan. In the end they both went as I gave them my food money for the day. Good karma that same day was when a workmate cooked us Duck Curry.

I have this belief that if you stay true to your principles and be good to others, good things will happen. So far the majority of the time it has worked for me

On wednesday I was able to retrieve my ATM card and repay bale's sister for the loan over the christmas holidays. She asked for interest I hope she was joking. New setup at ANZ house in Suva is much more efficient as I was able to retrieve my ATM card, withdraw some money and check my pin number all within 45 minutes.

Bale's Sister, Aunty and nepthew ended up leaving yesterday and then bale's brother came and stayed. Flat seems to alway have some relative staying. Wonder whats going to happen if I blog fulltime and have no money.

Bought Surviver serious DVD for Jordan and two dvds called Revolver and Devils rejects. Jordan had to write the 3,9,11 and 12 times table before he could watch the wrestling.

Devils rejects has to one of the grossest films out there and this is from someone who likes violent films. I did enjoy some parts but I wouldnt recommend it. Gross envelope keeps on being pushed excellent example is Duece Bigaloo european vacation. Revolver was pretty good until it tried to do its Gollum scenes.


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