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BBC World Review 2005

Just watched BBC's world review which it had three main stories.

The first being what has happened in Gaza during the last year and Suicide Bombers. I personally believe what is happening is a positive step but as the interview showed what needs to happen is to create employment for the people of Gaza as you have a large number of unemployed gazians. Reminds me of the saying "idle hands are the devils tools". I think the best factor for the palestinian/Israel conflict besides Palestinian self determination is to enable the majority of the Palestinians to have employment. It is much harder to want to commit suicide when you are happy with your life.

The second segment revolved around gay preachers in the Anglican church. My best friend in high schoold was in the Anglican church so I went to some of their youth group functions. This was a time when they didn't accept women clergy in the Anglican Church. I am used to women ministers as I have been always around them in the Uniting Church but I have never actually met an open gay person in church. Actually I never met an openly gay person until I worked with them in Wellington. (Sheltered life). My view on this topic is if you believe thay being gay is a sin than you cant have that person leading you as a preacher.

My reasoning that in management one of the worst things you can do is be hypocritical. You have to walk the talk otherwise you lose respect from your staff. I am also of the belief that you shouldn't infringe your beliefs and ideals on other people. So it all comes down to is if the followers of a religion is willing to accept a certain type of leader and that choice should not be forced upon them by world norms.

Strange how this argument has totally turned around for me when before I used to argue for minority rights and as now church goers are now a minority I am arguing for them.

The third segment concerned the new pope Bernadict. I have only been to two catholic services a wedding and a funeral. So I dont really have any experience with the catholic church. In my experience catholics where kids that went to a different primary school, some of my cousins, Strange rituals and people that partied the most. My two boys go to a catholic primary school because that was the only school I was able to get the oldest boy to attend . School is good except for having 50 boys in one class.

In terms of Pope Bernadict its seems his main stance is against relativism. My whole world view is everything is relative so he is probably against me. I do know one thing though the catholic church will be significantly reduced if they go down the track of relativism. What will happen is moral envolope will keep on being pushed, wont have any clear direction and lose support of catholics in the 3rd world.

I am of the view that religion is like natural selection so the religions that will survive are ones that are able to adapt to the surroundings. For the catholic church to survive it needs to focus on third world congregations and stimy the loss of the developed worlds congreations. I cant see how the catholic church can get new followers in the developed word unless changing to the new world views. People who have these new world views aren't likely go and contribute financially to the church as they have to many others things to do with their time.

This is probably my most controversial post so I welcome any comments. I am willing to change if given a logical argument that effects my base. One thing I have always used web forums for is to clarify my view of things as I dont really have anyone here to argue with.


Blogger George said...

I have received some negative comments about my post on Gay preachers. So I will try and clarify my position

My sheltered life was not so sheltered as the women preacher that worked with my father actually lives with another woman. Compared to my experience my wife had plenty friends in High School and Catering School who were Gay.

Anyone who has lived in fiji will know how the are lot beliefs that seem hypocritical to the actual reality. In Polynesian pacific culture it is acceptable to have one of family to be gay. But their is a law in fiji that bans homesexuality which was publicised in high profile court case occurred last year.

I am now going to do something I don’t really take which is a bigot usually saying how he has all these types of friends so how can he/she be a bigot.

I sometimes have gay family stay with me and sister inlaw has gay flatmates and have a large number of gay people I know when I go out.

Going back to Gay preacher post my main point is if the congregation think that being gay is a sin they shouldn’t be forced a have a Gay preacher.

Thinking about it you could have the same analogy of a white congregation not accepting a black preacher which luckily for us was not the case.

I suppose in the end it really depends on how the congregation interprets the bible and if that interpretation meets acceptable parameters of society

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