Sunday, January 01, 2006

Poker - Texas Hold Em

My team was working during new years eve as we are in the process of implementing a new system for a hardware chain. While we were waiting for migration data from our client we started playing Texas Holdem.

Some of my workmates have never played poker before so it was an interesting experience trying to teach them. In my experience the best way to teach someone how to plays cards is to have a few hands using open hands.

Match sticks were used as our chips. I have never been good at poker as I get to excited so cant bet consistently. So I was one of the first people outs. I also advised another workmate to go all in with a Full House but he ended up losing to another full house.

I also taught some of them how to play black jack which I cleaned up on. The black jack rules were you shown the first card and the dealers card before you bet. But we ended up going back to Texas hold em as that is a more interesting game.

In the end it was a good bonding experience and it is something we will continue to play as a team going forward.


Blogger Jake Silver said...

i keep trying to learn TH poker but i can't keep it straight yet.

6:58 am  

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