Monday, January 02, 2006

Break From Blogging

I have to wake up at 3:30am tommorow for a 4 hour drive to a client site for a few days for their go live. So I wont be blogging for a few days unless I can access an internet cafe.

One day my team is going to read this and ask why have I spent so much time over the last three weeks blogging when I could have spent more time helping them. My argument is they actually do better without me, I feel that when I am with them I probably take up unnecessary time. My only value in this project whould probably making sure all issues are documented, addressed and keeping everyone on focus. But mainly a barrier against politics that occur at work.

I have got one of the best IT teams in Fiji. We have some of the smartest IT people working here where my project manager for this client is a honours graduate from RMIT with no project management experience. That is why I believe in the google stem cell approach of putting smart people on projects even though they might not have the necessary experience. Because it is working here

We are implementing SAP Business one on a site with over 200 users where we are starting of with one of the clients four companies.So far everything has gone well but I am worried about the icebergs ie (Small issues that may turn into showstoppers).

For me the most important factor in a IT project team besides being technically competant is the ability for all the team members to be focused on the same objectives. Those objectives are also aligned properly to address the factors that will make the project a success.


Blogger Jake Silver said...

too bad because i really enjoy this blog. i like the format. it's very simple and very entertaining. hopefully there are plenty of internet cafes...

1:07 pm  

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