Friday, January 06, 2006

Race Based Tenant Restrictions

The following link points to the experience in hawai that people to be 50% or over full blooded native hawains to be eligable for zoned areas of land.

I have a Fijian father and Australian mother so this concept is quite relavent to me. Around 90% of Fiji is under Native land. Native land is owned by tribes and registering to a tribe is dependant on children from male native Fijians.

Currently the Hawaiian model is not an issue in fiji as I would guess that less then 1% of Registered Fijian Landowners would be considered as 50% or less of native Fijian blood. I would say once this figure reaches 5% it will start to become a talking point and over 10% it will be an issue for one of the Fijian political parties.

Issue of what constitues a native can be very contraversial so I will skip that subject for a while.


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