Friday, January 06, 2006

Fiji - Lautoka Trip

Body clock woke me up 2:30 am on tuesday morning and left at 4:am. Felt okay driving except I missed two streets when picking up one of my workmates. Got to work 10 minutes before client opened which was good.

It only took 3 and half hours to drive to lautoka and on the trip I learnt the difference between sunnis and shiates. Sunnis are the majority of the muslim population. I also learnt that to disable a police radar reading you have your windshield wipers on or high beam. (Havent confirmed all this though)

RAV4's dont seem to be travelling fast when you 5 metres behind a bus going 100kmh. Learnt when another driver is stressing you it is better to tell them why you are stressed.

When travelling back to Suva gas attendent said that fans in the engine are not working and need to go to an electrician. I knew this didnt sound right but my workmate wanted to make sure the car didnt sieze up. Electricican ended up saying that fans start working when you reach certain RPM!!

Arrived at 8pm and set my alarm for 1am in the morning. Missed the alarm but body clock woke me up at 1.05 am to watch the USC vs Texas highlights


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