Saturday, January 07, 2006

PTI – Mel Kiper and Eli Manning on Vince Young

On pardon the interruption there were two 5 minute interview with Mel Kiper jr and second with Eli Manning. Main points were 25 juniors and senior could be drafted in the NFL and kornheisner stating that Houston will have to draft Young.

Any argument about Vince Young not declaring for the draft and not being taken by Houston Texans are talking points.

Main reasons
  • Houston Native with first pick potential. Would San Francisco 49ers pick alex smith over vince young
  • Best performance in a national championship against nfl type players
  • Espn college game day crew all chose Young as number one
  • X factor in terms of leadership and belief
  • LaDanian Tomlinson who I consider the best running back in the NFL is not in the playoffs
  • David Carr is not a winner
  • New orleans saints will probably pick leinart which means Tennasee titans will pick Young. Same division as the texans!!
  • LenDale White may have more rushing yards then Bush in the NFL

Only factor is the competance of the GM of Texans. If he chooses bush I will rate him in Millen’s level. Owner should have already sacked Texas GM for the last four years performance. Reminds me of the comment that losing GM’s must keep on believing that they are on the right track so hard to change their minds.

Carrol's decision to go for it on fourth down reminds me of belichieks statement of how you treat playoffs like every game. Carrol offense always goes for it on short yardage fourth down. Manning confirmed this when he said usc should have gone for it so keeping it out of youngs hands.

Bush’s lateral follows on my comment of usc players starting to believe their own hype.

Excuse that replay machine wasn’t working when vince young lateraled on his knee. If you believe that I have got an island that I can sell to you.

I accept Shaun Alexander being the MVP but I would have picked Brady

Mark May was the espn reporter who choose USC over Miami in the espn segment "USC place in history" and now is raving on about Texas. Where do they get these commentators from.

More info by me at Skip Bayless on Vince Young and Google new concerning Mel Kiper Vince Young

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