Sunday, January 08, 2006

PTI - Maurice Clarette

Maurice clarette is a classic example of what happens when you take on the NFL. I watched a very good interview last year that put a very positive spin on his chances in the current nfl season. I wonder though why no other NFL team didn’t pick him up when Denver dropped him. Is there such a thing as an NFL blacklist.

My Favourite college football team which is notre dame has now record consecutive defeats for bowl games. Blame has to be on Weis's feet because the day before the game he dissed tyrone Willinghams first years performance and his team for not reaching the Rose Bowl

I knew norv turner wouldn’t be a good coach for Raiders. Still a very good
Offensive coordinator though. Pity about Dick Vermeil

Going into the NFl finals. I don’t like the chances of Bengals and jaguars

Clayton and Salisbury really do hate each other and that is why they have a good sports segment

My opinion on commentors are based on results of predictions that is why Salisbury and jaws are good where as Chris Burmen is a hack. He is the biggest brown nose to espn.

When making predictions for a new NFl season the best strategy is in each conference choose one of previous seasons playoff teams. Then randomly pick 5 teams that didn’t make the finals. Pick those teams every week and if your picks play each other pick the home team. ‘any given Sunday’

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