Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bill Simmons - He is back

Just finished reading a few article by Bill Simmons. Seems like he is more focused after his book tour. I started reading Simmons when he was still the Boston Sports Guy and he got me into Fantasy Football.

One of my best sports expereinces was actually my first season of fantasy football in which I registered 4 teams and three made the final. I actually won a Yahoo and NFL championship. Since then I havent one any because I stuck to being in only onechampionship and didnt take the necessary time to scout players of the waivers.

Some of the Sports Guys best content is from the readers who submitted their fantasy awards.

I never take seriously his Weekly NFL picks but he is pretty good at NFL playoff picks and has a good gambling manisfesto.

My credit card should be coming next week. I got it to start my blogging so I will have to stop the urge for gambling on Sports.

Reason I dont heavily bet in fiji besides the condition of Betting Shop is the Bookmakers take another 10% over the overseas odds. So I really only bet on the Melbourne Cup and Fiji Rugby teams


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