Sunday, January 08, 2006

wwwe - Ray Mysterio vs Big Show and Kane

Just watched Ray mysterio vs Big Show and Kane. How tall is Mysterio it looks like Big Show is double his size. Good performance by Big Show

Kane wimped out on as Rey did his 619 and batista hitting him with the chair with his hands covering his face. Big show took both the 619 from Misterio and the Chair on the face from Batista.

Batista is a beast but he needs more practice in terms of interviews. JBL is one of the best talkers but cant match it with his wrestling. Havent seen Rowdy Rowdy Piper wrestle for a while which is good. I wonder who has more flab Piper or Vito

Myself, Jordan and Andrews are smackdown fans while Eparama is Raw fan and my wife doesn’t like wrestling because the kids follow the moves which means they end up crying regularly.

I remember in high school during army cadets we used to have supervised sessions of wwf wrestling until one of the kids broke their wrist after my best friend did a body slam over two people .

During childrens library week my kids were looking for costumes for the Library march. We got a batman and spiderman costume. The batman costume was hopeless so I thought as we could change the mask to look like ray mysterio’s mask. Bought some paint and a white cloth which the kids draw symbols on and I helped with the mask. Wife sowed the cape

The rey mysterio costume went down well but I think the teacher were wondering what childrens book ray mytserio is in.

Eddie Gurrero Tribute


Anonymous Watcher in Oz said...

Hmmm. I'm not much into wrestling as I'm concerned about broken bones. Anyway here's something that might interest the two boys who are with you staring at your computer screen. Have they seen the Harry Potter movies? Okay, I bet they have. Well, in my town here two days ago, a certain teenage boy was in the local swimming pool. One little boy just couldn't believe his eyes. There was the sixteen year old actor of Harry Potter, wallowing and half-drowning in the swimming pool, surrounded by lots of guys with cameras. The local newspaper journo was tipped off and got a story and pics, then guys with umbrellas and plastic screens tried to chase him away. Well, for one day, Harry POtter actually came to OUR TOWN! It's a film about four orphan boys and set in Australia. A bit more ordinary than those fantasies about English boarding schools!

9:15 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ray mysterio is pretty cool i like him i think hes a gr8 wrestler. hes really athletic he rox!!!!

1:38 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo yo yo in the house here he cames rey mysterio

7:15 am  

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