Sunday, January 08, 2006

Adsense 1st week of 2006

For first week of January my stats for Adsense were 2505 page impressions, 24 clicks and $3.19 of income. Need to be able to get to around $100 a week income which is only 30 fold increase!!

I changed the color of the add backrounds to blue, I think I will change it to red to see what happens.

Amazing number of page impressions which at least 500 came from Google blog and probably 500 from myself.

Majority of add seems to be Blog ads. Still dont understand properly how this working but I will will figure it out. My second biggest strength is determination.


Blogger George said...

Comment that it seems that I am pimping for people to click my add. I also read a google violation of not "Calling undue attention to ads". As that is not not a specific statement and I dont want to face the consequences of testing the parameters of that statement.

All information related to my adsense experience will be posted on my other website . That website has pre configured adds which I am sure is not going to google so it should be okay

3:49 pm  

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