Sunday, January 08, 2006

Blogin - End of 1st week of 2006

Got around 800 unique hits for January but only 24 clicks for adds. I am very happy with the unique hits but running out of ideas about helping users clicking on the adds.

Around 500 of the unique hits came from Google Blog I stuffed up by changing the name of the post which meant two links and one pointing to a 404 post.

Still not able to delete comments. I am supposed to get a trash can besides the comment which has not happened yet

Advice that my posts are two scattered and I should focus on a few topics and that I go to far with some of my posts.

Actually starting to write content instead of watching some of my regular shows or browsing. My favourite time eating sites are Slashdot, Daily Kos, Talking points and Andrew Sullivan. During the last week I have probably only read one article from those sites.

Google seems to be indexing my stuff every few days which is good.

I don’t have any hits for my text messaging blog

I am going to have to go through each of my posts to fix the grammar. Really should get it right the first time.

Still Focused on getting content instead of createing links which is what this blog is going to end up doing.

Jakesilvershow is still the only legitamate blog link that I have.

I really like writing for this blog as evidenced by coming to work at 8am on a Sunday morning to post. Eparama and Jordan are here so they can learn to access this blog


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