Monday, January 09, 2006

Download Books using limewire

One of my favourite free download tools is limewire. I found Limwire from a workmate when I wanted to download some books that would help with a project. I tried p2p software before but they never really worked behind our firewall or I didn’t get the results I wanted.

Limwire is easy to install and doesn’t seem to have the same firewall issues. It is now easily the number one p2p software out there and the majority of my staff use it.

To download limewire for free clicklimwire. My understanding is that you have to pay for the pro version but the free limewire is good enough for me.

The problem with limewire though is there is a large number of illegal downloads of free movies, cracks, programs, DVD’s and music. I understand though that in the future versions limeware, Limewire might put a function in the code to stop the downloading of illegal clips eg. Paris Hilton home movie.

The types of files you can download using limwire are video, audio, images, songs and programs and from my experience you don’t get the spyware that are found in some hard to get files.

I wonder what is going to happen now that google is into selling video's and the number one tool to illegaly download video is found through google.


Blogger anthony said...

how exactly do you download a book from limewire. step by step. maybe as a document?

6:24 pm  

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