Tuesday, January 10, 2006

BBC Hardtalk - Judge Samuel Alito

Main points from BBC Hardtalk interview concerning Samual Alito was

Sandra Day O’Connor. sided with republicans 80% of the time.

The main abortion talking point agaisnt Alito is that he wants the woman to inform father before getting an abortion

Three Alito cases taken to the supreme court were rejected by Occonnor

Occonor went to the same university as William Rehnquist and Roberts was Rehnquists clerk. I also read some were that Occonnor dated Renquist. Small world

Alito has had more judge experience then any supreme court judge nomination!! for forty years.

I agree with republican that some of the democratic talking heads will lose them votes.

My take on the Supreme court nomination. I am pretty clueless about Supreme court judges. Its the presidents call and Gore incident gave me my best arguments though on the worth of supreme court judges.

For me laws are what shapes acceptable behaviour in a society and if those parameter change over course of time then the laws should also change. The literal vs activist law debate reminds me of current debate over how to read the bible

It would be hipocritical of me to attack someone based on something he wrote 20 years ago and I also believe especially in today climate that you look at their actions more then their words.

From my experience in fiji and from what I have read the major factor of the unfairness of the law is the quality of the lawyers and biases of the judges.

Everyone knew that bush would be able to select his judges if nominated so what is all the fuss about.

The issue of abortion to me is overblown and is used as a political wedge and to distract. From what I have seen in all three Bush nomination the most important factor is that they have all been consistent in how they rule for business and against the environment.

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