Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Home Network

Applied for a home internet connection at unwired. As my flat is below street level they going to have to check if the signal works. For me the major risk is what my kids can access on the internet, so I will look into some parental control software.

Introduction of new Internet Service Providers (ISP's) has really brought down the price of internet connections in Fiji. From what we used to pay at work one year ago you can now get for 1/5 of the price and double the speed. Best price is a unlimited 64k connection for around $50

We don’t have a land line just two vodaphones and one easytell which is mobile phone masquerading as a land line.

My home network is one HP laptop and Fujitsu E Series laptop. I also have an aopen PC. Some of the best bonding experiences with my kids is when we network all computers on Ethernet and play multiplayer games. I have actually stopped that for a while as I didn’t like the way some of the games were affecting my kids.

Best case would be to install wireless equipment for the aopen and HP laptop as once you go wireless you don’t want to go back. I use to think changing jumper setting was a pain but now just updating ip addresses is too much effort.

I would be interested if anyone knows any multiplayer games for kids that doesn’t involve shooting things or crashing cars.


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