Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dream Update

I have received my Visa Credit Card, so I should have sufficient funds to last one year. I a might end up writing a business plan to get a loan but what do I need to purchase and I wouldn’t bet on getting the required repayments.

Getting my home internet connection still wont solve the problem of the internet connection at my beach. My beach is located 20 minutes out of the biggest town in the second largest island of fiji. Hopefully by the time I do go unwired will also cover the labasa area

I need to at least work until the end of current go live we are going through. Just had news thought that the client wants to extend the go live for another few months so making it easier for them. So far on our end it is better then my expectations (knock on wood)

I have only told my parents, wife and kids about this blog but it seems I am getting some hits from people in fiji which is a bit worrying. I actually deleted my brothers last name so there is no reference to me. What am I afraid off

So far I seem to have an opinion about most things but what will happen when I start running out of personal stories


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